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We take AP automation to the next level by guaranteeing turnaround times and accuracy, reducing or eliminating late payments, and decreasing operational costs.

Our AP Capture platform allows organizations to automate their entire AP department by reducing paper-intensive functions that results in high-manual data entry, costly and time-consuming exceptions processes, and slow turnarounds.

Once invoices are received and digitized, data is extracted your business rules and applied to workflows.
  • We integrate with existing workflows and/or ERP applications to deliver optimal efficiencies.
  • Our digital mailroom offers one point of entry from all invoice formats.
  • We capture and validate PO and non-PO invoices, with header-only or header and line capture.
  • Our business rules engine identifies problem invoices and reduces exceptions at the early stages of the process.
  • We protect your invoice information at every step of the process using enhanced security measures and controls.
  • We reduce costs by increasing efficiencies and giving organizations the benefit of capturing the most accurate data for reduced exceptions, and reducing or eliminate late fees by auditing trails for real-time reviews and process transparency, labor models, accuracy, and turnaround times.
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