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Welcome to the Starting Point for End-To-End Claim Processing

If you’re looking for maximum efficiency, let APS transform your physical mail processing department into a digitized, automated, and optimized mail and document handling system that scans, categorizes, and routes all of your incoming documents. Let the digital transformation begin!

Centralized Mail Room offers performance-based results that are scalable to your needs, including:

  • Flexible Document Intake – Technology-based document intake for email, fax, image, and paper sources.
  • Automated Document Classification – Advanced document classification using AI, machine learning, and business rules algorithms to classify and route documents for downstream processing.
  • Document Imaging – High-speed, high-quality technology that converts documents to electronic, searchable formats.
  • Data Capture – Our Power Data capture services integrates OCR, ICR, and KFI technologies to automatically extract key data for accurate data output.
  • Print and Mail Services – Complete your virtual mailroom services with integrated print and mail services for outgoing correspondence.
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