From Incident to Resolution,
APS Is Your Solutions Provider

APS is a comprehensive, end-to-end business process automation firm focused on workers’ compensation and auto casualty claims.
We were founded with the simple, yet powerful mission of reducing the cost of risk for our clients.
APS helps you maximize cost savings, gain efficiency, and grow productivity over the lifecycle of a claim – all with little-to-no disruption to your daily workflow.

Automate the Entire Medical Bill Cycle

… with a fully integrated paper-to-electronic and eBill solution

Combining our end-to-end solutions and our innovative technology creates a powerful suite of tools that will enhance your workflow and save you money!

With our Clearinghouse solution, Payments services, Digital Mailroom (centralized document intake), Print and Mail solution, and AP Capture platform, along with our document services, Bill Review and Negotiation, and our claims processing product, APS truly takes the claims management process from inception to resolution.

What You Can Achieve With Our Expert Solutions

Our claims processing solutions are remarkably flexible and effective. Each of our expert, rules-based software solutions are designed to create meaningful changes to your workflow productivity to help you stay relevant and adaptive in today’s everchanging marketplace.

Reduce Medical Spend by 21%
Maximize Adjuster Effectiveness
Close Claims 10% Faster
Do you have problems with…
Medical loss and leakage?
Inefficiencies in your claims process?
Lack of transparency into vendor performance?
Overworked adjusters?

Product Spotlights


Our Flagship Automated Claims Processing Platform


THE Standard in Packet Generation and Duplicate Detection

 Rarity and Relatedness Ruleset

Generate Efficiencies and Reduce Medical Spend

Reducing Your Cost of Risk

Solutions for Insurers

Today’s insurers are facing a tough environment. We’ve got the solutions that will help you succeed no matter what problems you’re facing.

Solutions for Self-Administered

Our solutions help Self-Insured and Self-Administered organizations overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Solutions for TPAs

At APS, we understand the challenges facing Third-Party Administrators in today’s business environment. We offer a variety of tools and solutions to improve your operations and ensure success.

Solutions for Managed Care

APS works with many Managed Care Companies and we are attuned to the unique challenges and goals that you may have.

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