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You NEED to Stay Relevant and Adaptive in Today’s Marketplace!

At APS, we understand that it is critical for you to stay relevant in today’s changing marketplace, which is why we developed a unique and powerful claims-processing solution. You can expect to receive a flexible and effective solution that is delivered on time and with precision.


Our Flagship Automated Claims Processing Platform


THE Standard in Packet Generation and Duplicate Detection


Monitor Your Data With Customized Dashboard Reports

ODG Integration

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Superior Claims Monitoring

APS Empowers Adjusters, Improves Your Bottom Line

APS automates the entire medical bill cycle with a fully integrated, paper-to-electronic, and eBill solution. Our clients see substantial reductions in loss and LAE, reductions in claims costs, and compliance penalties. Since we auto-adjudicate most incoming documents, adjuster effectiveness is optimized, while we maximize network penetration and vendor transparency. Key benefits include:

  • Scanning, imaging, and full data capture
  • Documents indexed throughout the claims process
  • Rule sets applied to 190+ document types
  • Auto-adjudicates incoming documents with no adjuster intervention
  • Adjuster efficiency and productivity increased by up to 40%
  • Adjusters can focus on more complex claims, and keep them on track
  • Adjusters can close claims 10% faster
  • Customer-designed tasks scheduled and auto-executed
  • Electronic documents auto-routed to correct workflows
  • Workers’ comp bills auto-adjudicated to fee schedules and PPO networks
  • 32% of billing forms returned; 58% are never resubmitted
  • Workflow design customized for your business needs
  • Flexible, customizable SaaS system
  • No licenses or seat fees
  • Tracking, monitoring, and complying with state mandated timeframes
  • Jurisdictional directives continuously updated and applied
  • Seamless connections between disparate systems
  • Cybersecurity monitoring and protection
  • HIPPA compliant

What You Can Expect to Gain (Or Get Rid Of) With Our Solutions…

  • Reduction in Loss and LAE by 11 to 23 points
  • Significantly Reduced Claims Costs
  • Increased Adjuster Effectiveness
  • Maximized Network Penetration
  • Reduction in Compliance Penalties
  • Shorter Claim Durations
  • Greater Vendor Transparency

Reduce Loss and LAE by at least 11 points

Features We Offer With All of Our Solutions

  • We meet requested requirements and enhance over time based on additional business needs and requests.


  • We offer comprehensive training for your staff.
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