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The E-Payments digital payment platform connects you electronically to over 1 million providers and vendors!

For true efficiency, you need a partner with the largest electronic payment network available. E-Payments from APS provides just that, an enormous network of over 1 million providers and vendors, offering you an instant turnkey electronic conversion that eliminates IT costs, staff training, and the complexities of implementing a new process.

E-Payments makes digital payments easy, eliminating third-party banks and awkward electronic enrollment drives. Payers and their payees automatically eliminate the complexity of the multiple portals, banking relationships, payment modalities, and reconciliation. E-Payments becomes the connection that makes an efficient digital payment process possible.

Turn to E-Payments for the Best User Experience

  • Your team will be up and running quickly with remote training and deployment in just a few hours.
  • Completely customized reporting the way you need it.
  • With over 1 million participating vendors and providers already in our system, we put an end to time-consuming outreach campaigns.
  • Reduce the reconicilation process by 80% with greater confidence and accuracy
  • Integrate your legacy file formats
  • Customize the process to fit your team’s needs

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