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APS listened to your needs and now offers Power Data, an advanced document capture process that uses machine learning to scan, identify and categorize your paper data automatically! The best part is our Power Data process delivers better data that can power your process with amazing accuracy, freeing your time for more important tasks.

What Makes Power Data So Special?

Power Data’s AI “reads” your data, just like a human does, understanding the input and giving you control over your data instantly. Here’s how the process works:

Your incoming data is scanned. Power Data automatically categorizes the input, enabling APS to apply rules to sort the files and power the automated processing of provider bills and claim data. No humans required!

The system automatically identifies all the data you need: provider name, IDC codes, invoice numbers, claimant information and so much more, straight from the scanned document.

Next, Power Data processes the data, adding metadata. When the system makes a mistake, adjusters can correct Power Data, and the system learns new ways to sort and categorize your data to make the process even more valuable.

Power Data features a complete set of advanced features enabling you to get the most from your data:

Superior Accuracy

Power your processing system with an unmatched level of data and sorting accuracy backed by automated machine learning for maximum value.

Data Delivered Your Way

APS offers multiple options to deliver your data to your process including cloud delivery and direct file transfer into your content management system, along with workflow processes and back-end databases.

Client-Defined Rules for Validation

With Power Data, you’re in control with the ability to set custom rules aimed at reducing manual data management and errors. Our simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) model means no coding experience is necessary!

And more!

Are you ready to take your claims processing model to the next level? Schedule a Power Data demo with APS by calling (855) 282-1476.

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