BERWYN, P.A. (October 3, 2022) – Acrometis announced today that it has completed a major rebranding, changing the company’s name to Adaptive Processing Solutions (APS), THE experts in casualty claims management. The name Adaptive Processing Solutions was chosen to reflect the company’s evolution as a comprehensive business process automation firm focused on workers’ compensation and auto casualty claims.

“Now more than ever, from the incident to the resolution, APS is your solutions provider,” said Sue Boclair, President and COO of APS. “Our unique collection of technology and services, accessed individually or through an integrated workflow, offers significant advantages to self-insured, managed care, and property casualty insurance companies.”

The company was founded with the goal of eliminating inefficiencies in the workers’ compensation industry. APS offers a fully integrated clearinghouse solution that streamlines the entire transaction process (allowing submitters, partners, and receivers to communicate electronically to process claims), which is complemented by APS’ bill review, provider payment services, digital mailroom, and print-and-mail solutions.

APS’ flagship product, CLAIMExpert, offers unparalleled workflow management, with documents automatically routed by a configurable rules engine to reduce claim duration and costs. By automatically processing 65 percent of incoming medical bills and other documents with no user intervention, CLAIMExpert flags and sorts the remaining documents for easy review and straightforward decision-making by adjusters. CLAIMExpert is documented to save clients between 11 and 23 points in medical loss improvement over traditional bill review solutions within the first year of implementation.

Another key product from APS, PACKETExpert combats the 33% rate of duplication in business documentation. Named the 2017 New Product of the Year by the Business Intelligence Group, the service automates and streamlines the creation of outbound packets that are free of errors, duplicates, and headaches. PACKETExpert is a valuable tool for claims processing, legal offices, accounting firms, and other industries that need to quickly process vast amounts of documentation eliminating duplicate documents and placing them in a precise order for expert review.

In addition to the claim-based technology solutions, APS can provide a full range of medical bill review services. The APS medical bill review solution combines medical bill intake with highly compliant fee schedule and UCR-based reductions. Proprietary edits, custom rule sets, and complex bill review services are also applied, reducing the medical bills to an appropriate medical allowed amount.

The APS suite of claims management and processing solutions also address another major concern in the industry: the shortage of qualified and experienced claims adjusters and specialists. Our solutions automate most of the easy, yet tedious and error-prone tasks that take up the bulk of your employees’ time. By removing routine tasks, our solutions let adjusters focus on complex claims, which allows them to close medical claims 10% faster than their counterparts using manual claims management techniques.


About Adaptive Processing Solutions:

Adaptive Processing Solutions, THE experts in casualty claims management, was founded with the simple, yet powerful mission of reducing the cost of risk for our clients. The APS family of rules-based, expert claims-processing platforms allows for meaningful changes to an organization’s workflow that maximize cost savings, efficiency gains, and productivity growth over the lifecycle of a claim in the workers’ compensation and auto casualty sectors. For more information about APS, visit

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